– Brand Joss Box’s, achievement in groundbreaking Concept Tetley’s Super Green tea has landed it to the famous Guinness World Record. And why? Here’s how-


A Zumba concert to announce product lunch by Tata Global Beverages, gathered Guinness World Record certificate, with maximum number of people wearing capes during Boomerang. The record was registered in course of Zumba event, organized by leading digital media and content agency, Joss box to promote launch of Tetley Super Green Tea.  The entry by Record Book provides record status on maximum number of people wearing capes during Boomerang. The agency Joss box was instrumental into promoting pivotal campaign message on felicitation of Everyday Super humans. The agency had planned an elaborate promotion of its product “Tetley Super Green Tea, by Tata Global Beverages”, through cinematizing association of high energy, memorable event of people wearing cape during boomerang Zumba concert, with health and witness.  The main event in brand promotion has brand ambassador cricketer Saurav Ganguly, wearing a cape to bring out his everyday superhuman character. Joss box campaign on Tetley Super Green Tea has received a good success, which invites common people to bring out their inner super humans in any way they can.

Joss box product launch event , Zumba concert was led by India’s foremost Zumba expert  Shwethambari Shetty, the co-founder of Tribe Fitness. The reach of on-ground event is to be amplified through digital content pieces executed by Joss box.

Talking about the valued brand association, Omer Basith – Director, Joss box said, “We are thrilled to introduce this unique campaign – Everyday Super humans for Tata Super Green Tea. The campaign is bold and allowed us to strongly engage with potential consumers in a fun and collaborative way instead of going the route of standard, vanilla FMCG product launches. We needed a connect to Super Green Tea and the TG via something they identify with and hence the idea for a Zumba concert. The idea of having everyone wear capes comes from that of super humans, and we wanted this to be a visual spectacle to drive home engagement and brand recall – Tata Global Beverages Limited was game to try something unconventional, so it was a win-win for all!”

Rishi Chadha, Head – Tea Marketing, Tata Global Beverages promoted lunch event and said, “At Tata Global Beverages, the consumer is at the heart of everything we do and Tetley Super Green stands true to this testament. With the range of Tetley Super Green Teas, we are giving people added benefits in their cup of green tea – making it truly super. In today’s world, people are constantly faced with Super Human expectations and could use a boost to live up to it all. This new offering celebrates the spirit of Everyday Super Humans and today’s GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement is only the beginning of this product’s journey in India. We were very happy to partner with Joss box on this record breaking event.”



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