Shoot clearer photos:-

  • Professional fine tuning :- A new robust pro-mode lets you customize settings like ISO, shutter speed,  and more use grid line and other features to take better photos.  Then capture RAW photos for professional-grade post production.
  • faces with startling clarity using portrait mode on the one plus 5. One new dual camera uses two sensors to create a focal separation between subject and environment, putting the focus on the face you’re capturing while progressively blurring the background for a gentle, yet powerfull 
  • Take the right shot, every time. The one plus 5 automatically adjust to your environment,  by optimizing your shot quietly for accuracy and clarity. It’s professional quality, automated.

Faster Auto focus :-


  • Focusing is 40% than faster that the one plus 3T. Our dual camera system and intelligent software work together to measure depth and find the perfect focus, instantly.
  • Capture clear photos at any time, thanks to the one plus 5 ‘s large f/1.7 aperture. Shutter speed is faster too.
  • The one plus 5 features the highest resolution dual camera on the planet, so photos look clear even if you want to hang above the couch. Photos are incredibly clear even when captured from a long distance. The one plus 5 zoom in up to 2X without losing clarity.

Faster storage:-

  • You will have plenty of room for photos, apps, and flies with up to 128GB pf onboard storage. And because the one plus 5 features new dual – lane technology, overall performance is good.
  • Our exclusive technology intelligently learns your usage pattern to launch important apps more quickly. It also keep intrusive apps from harming performance.
  • Open more apps and switch between them instantly. With up to 8 GB LPDDR4X RAM,  Day to day task are snippier than  ever,  and battery life is better.

Carefully crafted :-

  • The more you can use the one plus 5, the more you will notice the thoughtful touches that set it apart. Every detail comes together to create an unrivalled user experience.
  • You can take control on your notification with Alert slider and quickly toggle between 3 customizable profile right from your pocket.
  • The one plus 5 looks sleeker than ever, thanks to the horizon line. This continuous hard line wraps beautifully around the device, resulting in a beautiful shadow when placed in the light.
  • At just 7.25mm, the OnePlus 5 is our thinnest flagship smartphone ever, yet battery life has been improved by 20% over the one plus 3T.

Dash charge :-

  • Dash charger provide enough power for the entire day. It’s the end of overnight charging.
  • Dash charge delivers stable and consistent charging speeds, by producing a larger electric current than increasing pressure.
  • Quick charging technology heat up your phone, leading to showed charging speeds and poor performance.

Design :-

  • It has a metal unibody carved from a single slab of space –  grade aluminium.
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Headphone jack with both type – C and standard audio ports, it’s all about options.




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