Dubai Parks and Resort’s (DPR) venture, is delicate blend of creative exuberance and of ingenious hospitality. The venture combines the splendid grandeur, of three separate theme parks Legoland, Motiongate and the very first Bollywood Park, into one Odyssey experience in Dubai region.

The theme parks are crafted with intricate design specifications, to generate seemingly endless experience, about much acclaimed character-personas.

Dubai Parks and Resort’s (DPR) venture management had plans to have world-class show to open the parks, and wished for the parks, to be created and produced by a locally-based company. The Action Impact team got the work started and shared proposal on event planning to forward River land, as location to themed dinning and retail destination, and junction between theme parks. Simon Tapping, Executive Creative Director, Action Impact, shared construction plans, saying, ”We built a 1,500 seat auditorium – part of which had to float on water – and built a customized bridge that linked it to an impressive stage on the riverbank opposite,”

The Action Impact officials, Simon and Wain, were upbeat about the levels of this stage performance. Simon said, “It was a spectacle of light, music, dance,” “And at the height of the action we triggered the illumination of specially designed LED pendants worn by each member of the audience. They lit up to reveal that – all along – the audience had the missing Amazium!”. Wain added to the Simon’s enthusiasm by saying, “It was a moment that was shared and enjoyed by everyone, especially the children,”

At this managed event launch in India, the protagonist of the show, “Luna and Nova”, gave an official introduction on each of the three parks. The final act the show saw coming together of all 170 performers on stage, the second appearance of the drones, and high above the auditorium, and a spectacular fireworks display filled the sky over all the parks. In words of Mr Wain, “It was a memorable extravaganza of colour, movement and music, that brought the scale and ambition of the whole DPR project to life in one, incredible moment,”

The event coordination and management by Action Impact’s team, was judged as great success. To conclude it would be astute to say that Action Impact’s ambition had matched that of DPR’s brief. This show was watched by millions viewers, in television audience, and also streamed simultaneously, across multiple platforms. In his concluding remarks, Mr. Wain said, “For those who couldn’t be there, we put together a film that captures “Experience Amazing” which, after all, was made by the agency that always invites you to “Experience Difference!”.



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